Our wide product portfolio includes not only traditional specialities but also interesting new creations and interpretations of traditional best-sellers. The following will give you an overview of our portfolio which you will find in detail on our assortment page

Pralines and  Truffles
We manufacture over 40 kinds of Pralines and Truffles, using only finest ingredients - many varieties are still hand decorated to assure also visual perfection. Our popular Florentines, apple rings and Mendiants round off the wide selection of products.

Carefully selected almonds and hazelnuts are being roasted by a traditional roaster and then caramelized in a copper kettle after a traditional recipe. The nuts are being coated with finest Swiss chocolate. Due to the roasting and caramelising, the nuts taste particularly nutty and crisp.

Liqueur Batons
We are one of the leading manufacturers of Liqueur Batons. The unique taste of our products is distinguished by a thin sugar crust, premium liqueurs and finest Swiss chocolate.

Typically Swiss
Fondue, cheese, and Swiss Army Knives - all these favourites are being associated with Switzerland.
Hence we offer you a Swiss Army Knife filled with finest hazelnut praline, various Swiss Chocolate Roulettes similar to a famous cheese  and our Swiss Chocolate Fondue.

Jelly and Fondant
Our fruit jellies, almost all just with real fruit paste,  are available in diverse flavours and shapes. No matter if you are in search of Easter rabbits,  Christmas stars or just fruits – you will find everything you are looking for.

Seasonal Specialities
Our croquant eggs mustn’t be missing in any Easter basket and our wide range also includes Praline eggs, sugar eggs and rabbits, fondant and marzipan eggs, chocolate lollies and many more seasonal products.

Organic/Fair Trade
We manufacture several varieties of Truffles and Dragées in organic quality according to the applicable EU regulations as well as Fair Trade certified products. We would be pleased to provide you with further information on these special segments of our portfolio...


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